Integrated solar system design and supply

We Supply and install power generation and emergency backup power on
grid and off grid. A large part of our focus is on integration of renewable
power generation in industrial power supply, Oil and Gas industries and farms.

We build and supply on a daily basis hardware for autonomous PV
installations. We are experienced with work in remote areas, deserts,
tropical conditions and industrial applications. We also supply
autonomous and grid connected PV installations for remote areas,
telecom and power supply.

WE supply
and install

Solar – Wind hybrid systems for off grid power in Telecom oil & gas industry

We supply hardware packages for diesel – solar (wind) hybrid
systems for any power demand and load profile. Solar systems
save fuel. In many cases the return is estimated at three years
or less, depending on your situation.

WE supply
for deisel.


We supply and install all other accessories which go with the solar
system in detail such as cabling, panels, batteries, inverters etc.
Our Engineers are ready to explain in detail at your suitable time.

WE supply

WE Transform
villages into
solar powered

Village off grid power

We are specialized in transforming the whole village or a
camp into a solar power village. With the guarantee on
our material and expertise within an affordable cost.